Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Moving Brands

Ex Kingston Graphic Design graduate and creative director of Moving Brands, Darren Bowels gave an inspiring talk on his success in the industry;

"SPECIAL K" - labelling kingston students.
"Sea of Sameness" - cut through with originality.
Your "…ness" - establish your individuality.
"Meat Market"
"The Exclusion Principle" - try things even only to rule them out. 5 interviews, 5 roles.
"Cheap Work Rich Learning" - gain as much experience as you can.
"The God Delusion" - you're not the finished article when you've graduated. Always work to improve yourself.
"Return to Puberty" - relax and trust your time will come.
"Ever the Apprentice" - work your way up the ranks if you're dissatisfied with where you are.
"Say Yes"
"Work with people better than you"
"There's nothing more difficult to open than a closed mind"
"Work hard and be nice to people"

- An independant agency set up by students began in a streamed live aired ad in outer Mongolia, exploiting technology and taking risks. London, San Fransisco and Zurich bases. They have a broader outlook on what branding can bring to a company. 
- Multidisciplinary meeting of minds from all manner of processes leading to versatile creativity.

- 'All creativity is story telling' - behind everything you do is an influence. 
Thinking and making. Story - System - Process
- Conviction. Find the fundamentals of the company's story. Getting to the root establishes a lead. HP pitch revealed how they define a brand and where their direction lies.

-Co-create. Experimental drawing workshop with Swisscom - consultancy requires a leap of faith from clients and departure from original mark. Asking questions like 'if we were to drop your brand what would happen to it?' - finding the true nature of the brand's activities, history, values.

- Smaller company, 16 Savile Row - attracting an audience to it;s authenticity. Capturing the journey of a suit. Expensive and exclusive bespoke tailoring.

-Humanise a brand's image and create a taste of the client's identity. Ness.

-Elegance. Invest into the story, explain the process of the product and what they're selling. Edward Green & Co, 'what does the brand represent? Who are their target market?' There's an appeal in their Englishness - translating this character to the market potential.
Coming back to the roots of a brand's identity. All About Tea. Building a brand upon these truths.

- Intrigue. Inspired by the movements of a dragonfly; wings, flight, how could this be incorporated into a brand's identity? Collaboration with animator/3D digital artist.

- Emotive. Maserati - transferring sound to structure.

- Play.

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