Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diversity vs Specialism

Saul Bass - diverse body of work across disciplines, film, poster, corporate branding, film titles, identity, animation, illustration, advertising and commercials. A varied career was helped by his links with Hollywood and living on the West Coast.

David Jones - Unsung hero. Music record sleeves. A Be See publication - He grew tired of the music industry, met a photographer and worked for Prada as art director, combining direction with interesting photographers for fashion.

Robert Brown-John - British designer, title sequences for James Bond, advertising and logo design. Times have changed the boundaries between design and advertising are a lot more rigid and difficult creatively to define.

Tom Hinkston
Music, Identity projects and on to fashion. Designed title sequences.

"Design is moving forward in terms of production, projects invest into large modern facing projects in the music industry. Designing for record sleeves is how a very small part of the large scale job that targets larger base of users online and in further areas" - Patrick Burgoine

Scott King - Art director of Sleazenation. Re-imagining imagery. CRASH publication became disillusioned with magazines and went into the art world, exhibitions, posters, satirical Vogue covers, humour. Made a name for himself in the art world following his work in the commercial arena. Consider transitions.

Malcolm Garrat - Success and acclaim but not a household name. Working for Buzzcocks, Fuse Mag for Brody, Duran Duran sleeves. Became fascinated with digital design. Hypermedia' book, Website Design, digital on-screen work, experimental contributions to design was huge. Sacrificed his profile in the design world with his sleeves in favour for his new found passion in another discipline.

Irma Boom - Book design in Holland. Had an interview with Total design with Crowell, which didn't succeed so she pursued her own passions. Worked for a dutch stamp book - being radical in her design with influences that informed her design. Obsessed with the playing of form. Sheila Hicks.

Enjoy the fortunate position of being in a multi-faceted design world and its transitions - it's down to you. Ethical considerations?
Discover one thing that you really enjoy and be diverse. Don't shoot down any opportunity, build up a variety of experiences. Make a network and develop clients. Expose yourself to different jobs, organisations, countries.

David Riley - moved to Berlin to keep living economically. 

Barcelona, Scandinavia, Amsterdam. Taking a risk, make connections, being with like-minded people. What is your most productive situation? and optimum working practice?
Specialism, focused on an area and then move into disciplines that you could move into from it.

Patrick Burgoine - Body Shop to copywriting to articles, having worked for the Big Issue, magazines to staff writer at Creative Review. (exposure) Seven years following graduation to end up in a permanent job - building up a practical work experience in the process.

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