Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Interview with Professor David Bailey.

Interview with David Bailey (atmaweapon42), Professor of Writing and Linguistics at Altamaha Technical College, 10/01/12, again in regards to my dissertation.

-How would you define a YouTube Poop from a regular remix?
-Would you describe the movement as anti-commercial?
-YouTube's been an important platform for this due to the accessibility it lends and social interaction. Where do you see the YTP progressing to? And is it dependant on this form of interaction?

I think YTP differs from regular remix with its almost obsessive need to communicate cultural memes and transmit a new language. What YTP does, is take what some would consider crap and re-package it in a way that is artistically relevant and original. Most of the YTP practitioners take unction at any attempt to classify there work as any art though, and defend it as a simple past time that is worthless by definition.

What you have is a classic counter-culture, and YES it definitely resists commercialism whilst simultaneously offering a new type of media filter, pointing viewers to new, odd, and interesting material. One of the most important jumps YTP is going to make (and I do believe it is already here with some users) is to move away from pure copyright content and focus more on original material produced on YouTube and other open platforms.

Take Renard Queenston for example. Renard is a legit remix artist who sells CDs. He produces traditional music albums. I would NEVER have discovered Renard had it not been for the Constant YTP remixes of his songs spliced with other media. YTP served as a content aggregate making extremely popular videos from what could have been an obscure source. I have spoken with Renard and he actually has seen the bump in his popularity generated by these sales.

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